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Dominican Republic weather and climate

Pleasant tropical weather dominates most of the Dominican Republic year round with only slight variations in temperature between summer and winter. The constant tradewinds that carries the North coast are another pleasing feature of the climatic conditions of the island.


A top of the highest mountain in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, in the center of the island the temperature has been known to fall below freezing at night during the wintertime. This area is known as the "Dominican Alps" and is quite popular with hikers and rafting enthusiasts.
Brief tropical downpours occur during the summer season from May to August but usually turn out to be no more than a quick 30 minute cloud burst - just enough time to dash into a thatched roof beach bar for a tropical cocktail. The average total annual rainfall measures 55 inches or 140 centimeters. There is no real "rainy season."
Water temperatures along the island's 860 miles of coastline average 84f/29c in the summer and 77f/25c in the winter. Water sports are enjoyed year round.

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